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Biography and Professional Resume

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Distance Learning
via Television
Distance Learning
via Internet
Internet Website Development
Marketing Techniques Stress Management
Introduction to Daniel Emmanuel
Daniel's first love is working with people to assist them to enjoy their lives. He began doing this in the early 1980's when he developed and started presenting a unique stress management workshop to many different organizations and churches. His program showed people how to work with the stress in their lives though understanding how the mind processes stress, then how to change their attitude about that stress, as well as using relaxation techniques to help control tension and improve rest and sleep.

During the same time he began his organizational development work in 1980, when he helped found Resource Associates with his friend and business associate, Robert Pennington, PhD. His corporate career expanded in 1982 when he joined Pacific Stereo, a major electronics retailer, as their Texas regional training manager working out of the regional office in Dallas, Texas.

Daniel started in 1986 with the automotive industry when he was recruited by J. D. Power and Associates to be a part of a national team to develop workshops to assist auto dealerships based on their customer satisfaction and automobile quality research. Since then, he has been contracted to provide services for Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, Mazda and Nissan dealership service and parts departments.

Daniel provides programs and support to improve customer satisfaction processes and issues, understanding financial statements and how to use the information to increase productivity, sales and profits, improving repair and quality assurance, marketing techniques, advanced coaching techniques for managers, stress management, competitive retail hours, setting up quick lube and quick service operations, and improving accessory sales.

Since 1996, he has presented information on the Internet for consumers and companies concerning management and organizational development, automotive service and sales assistance, stress management and customer satisfaction. He is currently working with several companies to develop and deliver educational presentations via the Internet.

Daniel has been described as a dynamic and engaging public speaker and seminar leader. His goal as a workshop facilitator and consultant is to offer practical, down-to-earth solutions to the challenges facing management by providing a supportive work environment for the employees so they will excel in sales and service when working with their customers.

His work is presented through in-dealership support services, distance learning via satellite and Internet programs, as well as live workshops and lectures.

He currently lives with his wife, Cindy, in Shenandoah, Texas, 35 miles north of Houston, Texas.

Professional Resume

July, 1988 - Current

Innovative Management Resources, J. Daniel Emmanuel's company for providing his services.

Website to assist Managers - ManagementEzine.com
Website to assist Automotive Service Departments - AutomotiveServiceManagement.com
Website to assist Consumers & Service Advisors with Automotive Issues - TheServiceAdvisor.com

Clients include:

2002 to 2008, Chrysler Motor Corporation LLC, Detroit, Michigan

Contracted through Chrylser Academy for presenting workshops to auto dealership fixed operations focusing on management and employee development, expanding service department operations, improved customer sales in the service department, quality issues and customer satisfaction challenges. His presentation medium was through live workshops and the Internet using the Saba Centra online learning environment.

During the Summer of 2003, team leader for a special event called the GET IT BACK Tour specifically designed to show Dealer Management teams how to improve customer loyalty and profitability by providing better hours of operation mixed with more competitive services and products.

2000 to 2003, Precision Dynamics International, Chandler, Arizona

Contracted to present workshops for Nissan Motors' District Service and Parts Managers, as well as dealership Service Managers and Service Advisors. These workshops are designed to assist Nissan service departments in analyzing sales to improve profits in the service department, improve communications within the department and with customers, and create more effective coaching techniques for managers.

1999 to 2004, WebWise, Inc., Houston, Texas

Develop Internet webpages for companies to improve their positioning via search engines.  Design webpages for companies to present their services on the Internet.

July, 1988 to Current, Carlson Marketing Group, Automotive Division

Currently contracted as a consultant and workshop facilitator. Purpose is to analyze automotive dealership operations to develop procedures and performance standards to improve the quality of the working environment, production, sales, service and customer relations. The goals include improving customer satisfaction based on survey systems used by the manufacturers and dealerships. Training includes presenting automotive programs designed by Carlson Learning for its clients.

Clients serviced via CMG:

Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Dealership Consulting, Dealership Management and Service Advisor Workshops.

Mazda of America, California
Training of Mazda Trainers for rollout of National Program.

Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Presenter for the FordStar Satellite In-dealership Workshops, Improving the Repair Process workshop series and Process Improvement Techniques workshop, both workshop series
assists dealerships in achieving the Blue Oval/Lincoln Premier Certification guidelines.

1992 - 1994, Ross Roy Inc., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Team leader for the "Customer One" workshops that were designed to improve the working relationships between Chrysler, its zones and dealerships. Focus was on problem solving and team building skills to improve customer relations at the dealer level for long term customer retention in sales and service.

June, 1991 - December, 1993, Toyota Motor Sales, Torrance, CA

Design and facilitation of the Assistant Service Manager, Levels I & II, workshops and materials for nationwide training through the different regional offices. This was conducted in conjunction with a company called Competitive Solutions International. Also conducted training programs for parts counter people.

February, 1990 - June, 1991

Archer Motors, Houston, Texas

Service manager, duties included service write-up, dispatching and quality control for repairs. Established an appointment system to control daily work flow through the shop with minimal vehicle down time to improve customer satisfaction.

January, 1988 - December, 1988

J. D. Power & Associates, Agoura Hills, California
National Training Manager

Focus was to effect management/staff relations through team building and improve customer satisfaction in the automobile dealerships. Developed and presented training programs for CEO's and their management teams, finance and insurance training, and sales and service training. Exercised complete freedom in designing and implementing programs, which became the standards used by the company for other trainers.

April, 1986 - December, 1987

General Group of Companies, Harbor City, California
National Training Manager

Same basic job description as listed in J. D. Power section. This department was involved in a joint project with J. D. Power until J. D. Power acquired the department. Responsibilities included executive staff training in team building and organizational development.

June, 1982 - February, 1986

Pacific Stereo, Emeryville, California
Regional Training Manager, Texas Region, 16 Stores

Developed and presented training programs for regional management, store management, and sales personnel. Successfully initiated new programs and management activities designed to increase sales performance and reduce the development time of new salespeople. Responsibilities also included interviewing and hiring of management and sales personnel.

January, 1980 - June, 1982

Resource Associates International, Houston, Texas
Management Consultant, co-owner

Consulting company providing services in management training, operational development, team building and communications.

References available upon request.

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